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What to eat with horror films and gonzo Asian cinema

Be very afraid.

This week’s episode of the flick & feast podcast features special guest Colin Geddes, formerly the programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness programme and currently the overseer of TIFF’s monthly KinoVortex series. Colin also curates for Shudder, the streaming network for discerning horror fans.

On the show

Colin chats about the kinds of movies he has a passion for and how he migrated from a small town to the big city, discovering kindred spirits and a film appreciation community by attending the film festival (formerly the Festival of Festivals). He also tells us what film curation and programming are all about.

Great stories!

Hear all about introducing the work of Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike and Thai martial artist, actor and director Tony Jaa to an appreciative North American audience. Colin has fascinating stories to share about Midnight Madness and its fans.

Check out KinoVortex

The films in Colin’s monthly KinoVortex series at TIFF are creative, obscure and so much fun! From Jackie Chan to Italian horror to high camp 1960’s superhero tales, KinoVortex guarantees a good time.

Coming up on August 17, KinoVortex will screen Roar, one of the most dangerous movies ever made. Watch the trailer below!

Colin’s Recommendations

Ultimate Pairing – Inject some vintage Jackie Chan (such as Police Story 2) into your eyeballs and pair with dim sum from Sky Dragon, 280 Spadina Avenue (on the 5th floor with a great view of the city) or Pearl Court, 633 Gerrard Street East.

If you’re heading to see Roar, why not dine on some fall-off-the-bone chicken? (flick & feast recommends Portuguese chicken from Bairrada Churrasqueira on College Street).

Colin also highly recommends the hilarious Korean film Extreme Job (see trailer below – hopefully the film will be coming soon to Netflix), paired with some delicious, spicy Korean Fried Chicken. flick & feast’s chicken tip is The Fry, with four locations across the city and delivery via UberEats!

Snacking while Shudder-ing

Want to catch a horror flick while enjoying a tasty treat?

Colin suggests cuing up Ravenous (with Guy Pearce) or Boar on Shudder and enjoying the movie with some sausages or ribs (by the way, flick & feast will be sharing our ultimate rib recipe in a blog post very soon).

Another great selection is a three-part series called Pusher. He says to watch out for the third episode – it has a real food connection!

Connect with Colin

You can find Colin on Twitter @ColinGeddes and on Instagram @colingeddes.

To learn more about Colin’s film consulting business, visit the Ultra 8 Pictures site.

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  1. How do you access such awesome guests for your blog?! Always love going through your posts, and seeing the creativity in food and film 🙂

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