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Food, film and a friend

Dinner and a movie? Okay! But what to watch? Where to go?

This week is the launch of the new Flick and Feast podcast. The show will help you answer the above questions with suggestions for some food and film adventures. Whether you want to dine in or out, visit the theatre or cook up something great, we have a tip for you.

Our Special Guest

Who better to join host Stephany Babson for the first episode than Steve Kelly (the one on the left in the photo), her old friend and colleague? Steve is a Toronto film and video editor who loves interesting movie and food experiences. He’s also a forgiving guest. Best of all, he has some great recommendations and insight.

Film and food: two things that make minds, bodies and souls very, very happy.

So pull up a chair and open some wine. Cheers!

I'm a Torontonian who's obsessed with pairing interesting films with fantastic food. Whether it's dining out or in, enjoying the theatre experience or streaming at home, this blog is about planning a perfect day or night, centred around food and film. Cooking, discovering new restaurants and checking out indie and international cinema make me happy. I'm a fine arts and film major and a radio and television grad with many past lives. I've had posts as a news reporter, English as a foreign language teacher and video/events producer. And then there were stints as a weather girl and singer with a band. But anyhoooo. Currently, my day job is in communications. I'm taking a #DigitalEdu course through the University of Toronto to become better at my craft. This is my first blog. Let's have some fun!

1 comment on “Food, film and a friend

  1. For your first time doing this Stephany you did one amazing job. Steve and you were great letting us know about great films and food. It made me want to run out have a great meal and head off to ‘Paris Is Burning’. Thank you both so much. Keep up the great work. I can’ wait to hear about your next adventure!

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